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Putting My Experience
to Work

  • I have worked in senior management for international companies and I am currently a consultant working for a large private equity group. My career has focused on solving complex problems using data analytics, complex financial modeling, system implementations, team development, and developing a customer-centric culture based on Processes, People, and Product/Service. I always got it done!

  • My business experience is why I think I can benefit both our students and our community on the school board.

  • Politics and individual agendas do not belong in our public schools. Our City has been divided by political rhetoric and outside groups with their own agendas. As a community more unites us than divides us and our children deserve more. We need to come together and build bridges instead of burning them. We need to focus on the future and the legacy we will leave for our children.





I believe that great innovations emerge from times of crisis. We need to lay the foundation for the CISD to be run like a business:  A true commitment to customers (our children) based on innovate solutions. We keep missing opportunities to improve and innovate. Thru Continuous Improvement (CPI) we can achieve the Best in Class Education.


Processes and Procedures: my work on the Budget & Finance committee has shown me that we need to develop strong and automated approval flows (no more paper invoices). We need to improve reporting and transparency and begin the Implementation of Limits of Authority (LoA), Internal Audits, and T&E policies.


True Transparency and Accountability-The district and the Board work for all of US as taxpayers for the benefit of their customers, our kids.  It seems like this has been lost. The huge amounts of money being spent on lawyers (instead of teachers) are proof that the status quo is not working. I see Legal Fees as non-quality cost and a Key Performance Indicator (KPI).


Like any public company, we need to start by defining and implementing mandatory training for all CISD employees including regulations & policies, health & safety, diversity, workplace etiquette, sexual harassment, and more.


Compliance Officer. This is a key position to bring accountability, transparency and ultimately to rebuild trust with the community. This position should be a lawyer (not a coach) that will report directly to the board and will independently:



  • Conduct internal audits of processes, IEP's and TEA complaints

  • Investigate allegations from Employees and Students

  • Conduct Level 2 Grievance Investigations

  • ​Monitor the effectiveness of services

  • Keep child-centered in every decision

  • Engage in prompt remedial action

  • Ultimately I see this position as being self- funded from Legal Fees savings

  • Overseeing an innovative Student Restorative Justice Program

Restorative Justice; Involving students in the discipline and anti-bullying campaigns.  The City of Southlake has had great success with our teen court program, and Nationwide more than 300 School-Based Student Restorative Justice Programs Exist.  Our schools will lead with innovation by focusing on restorative justice and building community focusing on strengthening school culture by developing positive peer pressure and student leadership while strengthening and enforcing the student code of conduct.


Increase HR outcomes

Attract the best and most diverse teachers with strong recruitment tools.

Hire the employees based on qualifications.

Switch to HR management based on performance where we identify and reward high performers and  help low performers with Performance Improvement Plans (PIP).

Individual development plans: As an example, based on 2018-2019 data only 25.9% of our teachers have a Master's degree while Eanes shows 41.4%.

Being an innovative and inclusive district will attract a more diverse and better-educated group of teachers.

Special education. Our 900 special dragons do not enjoy the excellence that the rest of our district enjoys.  Their test scores are falling as is spending on SPED programs. Many of you have seen my wife Jennifer and me at school board meeting talking about the need for an overhaul of our SPED programs.

  • Tools for data collection in real-time

  • Posting student data and progress in Skyward (like everyone else).

  • Bridge the gap between expectation (IEP) and reality.

  • Empowerment of our new Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) to bring innovative solutions.

  • Improve pay and training for our paraprofessionals including ABA certifications.


If elected I would only serve one or two terms. I want to bring innovation to this district, I will work hard to overhaul financial processes, bring transparency, and I have found that most of this occurs within the first few years in a position.  We need fresh ideas.


 Through innovation we can make our students into successful citizens of an increasingly global world.



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